Deal Announcement: RV Rentals Seattle

Neil Walter Company (NWC) is pleased to announce the recent signing of an industrial yard and shop lease in Kent, WA.

RV Rentals Seattle, dba Squatch RV was in need of a new storage and rental yard to facilitate their ongoing growth in the Northwest market.  Fletcher Farrar of NWC represented RV Rentals Seattle.  NWC conducted an extensive site selection process with RV Rentals to identify viable options in South King County.  After ruling out several properties due to various pitfalls, the search focused in on a 1.24 acre yard in Kent, WA.  Once identified, NWC facilitated negotiations and maintained constant communication with the listing brokers of the property to ensure that RV Rentals was the first to the table at every step of the process.  The efficiency of action on both NWC’s and RV Rental’s part beat out two other competing groups that were targeting the same property.   RV Rentals is now in the process of getting the new facility up and running just in time for the busy tourist season in the Pacific Northwest.

Squatch RV provides top-of-the-line RV and camping rental services be it for a brief overnight, or a long term road trip.  In addition to rentals, they provide a number of value-add services for RV owners and users in the area.  You can learn more about the company, and view their modern inventory of RV’s, tow-behinds, and accessories at their website here.

For more information about this transactions, market lease rates for yard and industrial properties, or to find out what else is available in the market, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no obligation consultation.  We pride ourselves in finding ways to put our clients ahead of all other competition, while still achieving the best possible outcomes that meet business targets and timelines.


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